I was born on 25th of February 1965, in Kiev, Ukraine. At the age of 14 years old (1979) I began to develop and build single-seat glider. After 4 years, at 18 years of age I completed the construction of my own glider and flew it performing a test flight. In 1985, I graduated from Buguruslancivil aviation flight school.


There I have been flying on the Yak-18 and AN-2. During my school years I organised a student design bureau, where I designed, built and tested two gliders. Seven years I worked as professional a pilot in the company "Aeroflot", flying AN-2.


In 1992 I continued my training in Kirovograd flying school. I was trained to fly on fifty-seater, twin-engine plane AN-24. I spent next three years as the professional pilot of AN-24. During this period, I restored at wo-engine, five-seat aircraft L-200, "Morava".


I put together a twin-engine, three-seat amphibian aircraft Under-22. During that time I was also working on development of light aircrafts.


In the period from 1996 to 1998 I taught at the Junior Aviation Club "YoungAviator."
From 1998 to 1999 I worked as an engineer designer in "Aeroclub Icarus," where was designed and built aircraft "Icarus10".


During this period, I designed and built single-engine two-seater"Survey". And thetwin-enginetwo-seater"Stork".


At this time, I has designed several aircraft amphibians.


In 1999I placed into the top 3 designs of helicopters at the All-Ukrainian competition with my own desing of the Hummingbird hilicopter; the competition wasconducted by Aviaimpeks company. From that time onI began to work as a chief designer and engeneeranda chief of the Design Burro in Antonov factory.
2.5 years later the KT-112 helicopterwas developed and built. At this time I was also working on organizing another Design Burro, developing design documentation, production, testing and certification for another helicopter. In the summer of 2002, I visited an exhibition EAA, in Oshkosh, USA.

In 2003 I visited an exhibition Heli-expo in Dallas, USA.

I met Sergey, the son of Igor Ivanovish Sikorsky

In 2004 I developed a two-passenger, twin -engine aircraft; pilotless helicopter with the Rotax 912;

experimental flying saucer pilotless aircraft( flight time :70 hours with the speed of 180 km/h, flight distance -12600km)

In 2007 Ideveloped atwo-seattwin-enginedmachinevertical takeoffand landing.

Since2008.to2010.Ideveloped atwo seatertwin-engineairplaneB̓L-122»

Videoof the first flightof this aircraft: And two seat twin-enginehelicopterB̓L-222".

Videoof the first flightof the helicopter: In 2010,developedthefive-seattwin-enginedhelicopter.

I developed two-passenger, twin-engine, twin-turbine helicopter called the Solar T-62 and it is currently being built. I just finished a preliminary design of a bussiness aircraft. Its flying range is 5 000 km. I am working on a single-passenger aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing and with horizontal speed of 500 km/h

Completedpreliminary design ofthe aircraftcategoryLSA.

I developed a newaircraftVVV-24